By Rev. Francis Omedo in Bulletin

Dec 13, 2019 18:32

Jer 1:4-5: Jn 3:27-34
God says before we were in our mother’s womb, He knew us. He created each one of us for a specific purpose. We should, therefore, quit giving excuses about how we are not suited for what He would have us do. We need to start looking at ourselves the way God looks at us. Jeremiah could have been young but God had chosen him and placed His word in his mouth. He was not going to speak his own words but God’s word to the people he was being sent to. His assignment was very specific just like ours is very specific.

In John 3:27 – 36
John the Baptist knew his assignment and so he hit the ground running because he knew he needed to redeem the time. Throughout his ministry, the mission was to herald the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He had to prepare the way for the Messiah (Lk 3:1-6: John 1:13-17).
John did not fight for greatness in an area that was not his. He did his assignment with great humility. As he continued preaching in the wilderness he was also looking out for the person who would bear the signs of the Messiah so that he would introduce him to mankind and fizzle out. As soon as he saw Jesus at the time when he was coming to river Jordan for baptism, he told the disciples to behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. John was not worried that Jesus would draw larger crowds than him. In-fact after introducing Him, he declares that he would want to decrease as Jesus increases. As soon as Jesus appears in the scene John gets behind the scene and disappears. Everything that John did, pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We too have been given assignments and whatever it is we are to point people to the Lord Jesus. The assignments are all different for every one of us; there is however one thing that is common, all we do should point people to the Lord Jesus Christ and not to us. The following points are worth noting:

  1. Our success will only be measured by how we fulfill our assignment.
  2. We can only be accountable for our own assignment
  3. V34 as we settle to do our own assignments, God will pour His spirit without measure within us to help us accomplish what we are called to do.