Our Vision

We envision to build strong and fulfilling marriages based on a commitment to Christian principles within and around Deliverance Church Kasarani.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to organize marriage enrichment workshops, seminars, couples retreat, couples care-groups, pre, and post-marital counseling and assisting couples in every stage of their relational development to create God-honoring and fulfilling marriages.


  • To equip and strengthen marriages by helping couples discover God's plan for their marriage as well as their unique roles as husband and wife.
  • To be a focal point of enhancing better marital relationships by teaching couples how to live together in peace and love.
  • To connect couples with other couples in the body of Christ through fellowship for relationship building and accountability initiatives.
  • To provide a time for couples to come together for fun, fellowship and faith-building opportunities.
  • To encourage and support couples in their marriage relationship.