Deservio is a Latin word that means to serve zealously. Deservio® is a 6 months teen training and empowering program that prepares them for the future life in college and the workplace.

Our Mission

To inspire and prepare teens to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.
The after-school hours are the most threatening time for young people, especially those who walk in our most economically challenged neighborhoods ravaged by violence and drugs. Yet, even in these troubled communities, our doors and our arms are open wide to give young people:

  • A safe place to learn and grow…
  • Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals…
  • Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences…
  • Hope and opportunity…

Deservio® offers a comprehensive and well-rounded lineup of structured and tested after school program for teens. Each of our programs is fun for young people while addressing today’s most pressing teen issues.

  1. Character & Leadership
    An exciting experience designed to help teens connect with God, connect with their purpose, and connect to like-minded people on a journey of discovering and living out their purpose.
    • Supporting their Community
    • Sustaining Relationships
    • Developing a Positive Self-Image
    • Respecting Others
    • Community service projects
    • Leadership development assignments
    • Education and career exploration
    • Hike
    • Camp
    • Mission
  2. Mentorship
    We have partnered with polished diamonds & KUZA, girls and boys mentorship programs to provide academic and moral support, encouragement and guidance.
    • Exploring Opportunities for higher Education
    • Examining Career Aspirations
    • Guiding Them to Exceed Their Potential
    • Education forums
    • Course assessment
    • Career counseling & training
    • Job placement
  3. Health & Life Skills
    • Cultivating Self-Respect
    • Living Healthy
    • Setting Goals
    • Making healthy Decisions
    • Love & sexuality role plays
    • Peer pressure assessments
    • Alcohol & drug abuse tests
  4. Entrepreneurship & Financial skills
    • Inspire and nurture entrepreneurship skills
    • Sharpen financial skills
    • Develop work readiness skills
    • Exposure to 'hands-on experience'
    • Entrepreneurship projects
    • Job shadowing
    • Income generation
  5. Elective classes (School of worship/ School of creative arts & media)
    • Cultivating Self-Expression and Creativity
    • Developing Skills and Talents
    • Exploring Multicultural Art Forms
    • Digital courseware
    • Instructor-led group activities
    • Creative arts projects

  • We give them a sense of belonging that gives them the self-confidence to meet their potential
  • Our programs build character, and give them the tools that guide them toward being productive, caring and responsible citizens
  • You will develop some lifelong friendships with like-minded people and build personal practices that will continue to help you grow for the rest of your life
  • We keep membership fees affordable so all teens, no matter their circumstances, can be benefit.

Our Partners

  • Polished Diamonds Girls Mentoring Program Turning girls into distinguished ladies
  • KUZA Boys Mentoring Program