Day 15:15th Jan 2018


The biggest threat for any family today is lack of vision.

Proverbs 29:18
  • Pray that the Lord will release His vision unto the fathers as heads of the family.
  • Come against all forms of stagnation and speak progress in all areas of family undertakings.

Day 16: 16th Jan 2018


Ask God to be with our families.

Exodus 33:15, Joshua 24:15
  • Pray that the Lord will lead your family and His presence go with you.
  • Break evil affiliation from previous generations, break alters erected to other gods in the past.

Day 17: 17th Jan 2018


Our children are our heritage they are the essence of our family and the homes we build.

Ephesians 3:14-19
  • Pray that God will preserve our children’s faith and help them preserve their purity in this immoral world.
  • Pray for our children’s salvation and that they will find the identity and purpose in Christ.

Day 18: 18th Jan 2018


Above all we desire that our families would be blessed with divine health.

Exodus 23:25
  • Pray that families will be blessed with good health and that God will release His healing in those that are ill.
  • Pray for spiritual health of families. Pray for revival of prayer lives and all areas that have slumbered.

Day 19: 19th Jan 2018


It’s not the will of God that we struggle financially month after month.

Philippians 4:19
  • Pray that the Lord will meet the needs of families and that He will protect the families from the devourer.
  • That God will grant us the grace to be good stewards in finances.

Day 20: 20th Jan 2018


Where there is unity God commands a blessing.

Psalms 133
  • Pray that there will be forgiveness towards one another in the family and that the Lord will help us to release grudges, hurts and offences afflicted amongst family members.
  • As we are forgiven through the blood of Christ ask God to give us the grace to extend the same.

Day 21: 21st Jan 2018


The Lord cares deeply about the problems of His children.

Romans 8:38-39
  • Ask the Lord to protect families from the snares of the devil.
  • Cover every family and its members with the blood of Jesus declaring a hedge of fire around them.