Day 9

-Thank God for all we have been able to achieve at a personal level and the promises He has for us in the New Year. Ps 100:4

Day 10

-Thank God for holding us together with His cords as a people in Families, Church & Nation. May the future be even brighter. Col 2:7


Day 11 - Pastoral team

-Commit the vision carrier, Bishop Dr. Jimmy & Pastor Alice Kimani to God as they lead church as mandated of them by God. Jer 1: 18 & 19.

-Commit to God all the Pastors that work together with Bishop for power, strength and oneness in the vision. Exod 17:10 & 11

Day 12 - Leaders

-Pray for leaders at all levels-G12, LCC, Ministry team, departmental heads e.t.c for strength of service and spirit of flow in the vision. Num 11:16 & 17.

Day 13 - Members.

-Pray for every member that God has brought to DCIZ and declare that our lives will be in line with the vision of the house. Exod 19:8

Day 14 - Church Projects

-Pray for progress and completion of all ongoing projects and ask God for divine partners (Hirams) to come forth. 1Kings 5:8-10.