July 2017 Prayer Items


  1. July 1: Repentance for self. 1 John 1:9
    Seek God that He may look at us favorably and in His mercy, we may receive forgiveness at personal level as His Word says.
  2. July 2: Repentance for families Neh 13:26 - 27
    Stand in the gap as a people in asking God to show His kindness and mercies to families. There is a lot of deviation from ways of God right from family level and seeking alternatives.
  3. July 3: Repentance for the nation 2 Chr 7:14
    Seek God for healing of the land of Kenya, particularly at this time of choosing a leader through the ballot.

Praying for Self

  1. July 4: Isa 1:18
    Take all your personal issues before God in an open way, let Him have all the details of your supplications and let Him put reason in you.

Praying for Families/Marriages

  1. July 5: Oneness in families. Gen 2:24, Mathew 19:7 - 8
    Speak to families that the spouses may be part of each other in oneness in the word of God & cancel the separation/divorce options, God abhors them.
  2. July 6: Love in families. Eph 5:25 - 27
    Pray that family may be source & the ground for love, let other institutions borrow and learn from families on matters of love. Pray that love may be evident all round in families.
  3. July 7: Reconciliation Luke 15:21-24
    Pray for reconciliation in families in the midst of many unavoidable conflicts arising out of daily interactions.

Praying for the nation

  1. July 8: Command peace Job 38:12-13; 22:28
    Command peace in the land of Kenya and make declarations that replaces uncertainty with certainty and settlement as we head to the elections.
  2. July 9: Wisdom upon Rulers Romans 13:13
    Pray for wisdom upon the government of the day, president and all his officers. Pray for submission of the ruled.
  3. July 10: Wisdom upon Opposition 2 Sam 15:2-6
    Pray that as the alternative government, the opposition will exercise their role responsibly.
  4. July 11: Patriotism among communities Joshua 24:1
    Pray that the diverse communities living in Kenya will be patriotic to the motherland and see each other as neighbors even as we head for elections.
  5. July 12: Electoral body, IEBC Exd 31:2-3
    Pray for excellence spirit upon the IEBC in management and running of August 2017 general elections.
  6. July 13: Rains and food. Gen 47:6-12
    Pray for adequacy of rains and sufficient food production to feed the population in the land.
  7. July 14: Security Ps 127:1
    Pray for the security of the nation from the target of extremism and ask God to watch over our land Kenya.

DC Kasarani-Zimmerman

  1. July 15: DCI Zimmerman Habakkuk 2:2-3
    Pray for the vision God has deposited in this house through His servant Bishop Dr Jimmy and Pst Alice Kimani and all the pastors under him.
    Vision becomes, through a process not an event, pray for revelation upon the vision supporters to see the "PICTURE"
  2. July 16: John 10:10-11
    Pray for the members (people God has brought in this church) that they will experience life in abundance. That their lives will become better each day on this altar.
  3. July 17: Ps 50:10
    Pray for church projects and all the resources required. Call out for Hirams to take up their positions as directed of God.

Body of Christ

  1. July 18: Matt 16:18
    Pray that the church will stand firm in the world increasingly full of strange teachings/happenings. Pray for boldness upon the shepherds in representing Christ.
  2. July 19: Matt 25:36, 43.
    Pray that the church in the world will practically be felt through the lowly, 'beaten' and needy amongst us.
  3. July 20: Matt 10:16-28.
    Pray for the persecuted church all over the world and mostly in the Middle East, China, Afghanistan and the rest.


  1. July 21: Ps 26:7, 69:30.
    Let's express thanksgiving to our Lord for answering all the prayers.
    Accompany this with praises and offer worship to the Lord.