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Oct 17, 2017 00:00

War is a a state of armed conflict between two opposing states. It is a path of either safety or ruin.

1. It is of necessity

2. It is a matter of life AND death. (if it is spiritual warfare, it is both life and death.. Your flesh is at war with your spirit.

Important to note is that spiritual warfare is not about fighting. It is about allowing the presence of God to go ahead of us, and lead us. It is warfare because it is not naturally occurring in us. We do not fight for victory, as if it is something that is given us at the end of our fight. Rather, from victory. We stand from a place of victory. Our position is one of winning. A win that was acquired for us more than two thousand years ago., and delivered to us the very day we accepted Jesus into our hearts. We do not even fight to confirm our victory, no. neither do we fight to keep it. It can never be taken away from us. We are constantly in warfare (as defined above), because the devil would like nothing better than to catch us napping. Nothing better than to see us de-ranked (by our own flesh). But glory to God! In all these, we have an overwhelming victory in Christ Jesus, who loved us. (Rom 8:37). We more than conquer - We are not only no losers, but abundant gainers, by all these trials. This describes the full assurance of hope that we have in Jesus.

Our surest tactic in our warfare is in,

1. Our tools (Eph 6:11-18) The full armour of God is full on. It allows us to face the enemy’s attacks full on., without any fear. Our back is left open in the full armour for a reason. We have no business running away from the enemy. The art of war requires that we face the opposition of darkness. We are not to be engaged in running battles with the enemy. We face him head on, and annihilate him, once and for all. Our victorious life is to be had. When scripture says to resist the devil (James 4:7), it means to stand up to him in the power in God’s Holy Spirit, not scamper for safety, as if it is out there somewhere. Rather, to guard our safety.

2. Our Worship Our worship is God’s intended warship. When you worship, God addresses directly your situation. His address is more permanently solving than any solution that has,is,or will ever exist.