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Jul 16, 2017 00:00

When a nation sins, God brings a judgement from within or without. God can bring bad governments to power or allow the nation to be conquered by an adversary. When Christians pray, the grace and mercy of God are over the nation. For this reason, Christians must always pray for their nation. The following are the benefits for praying for our nation.

  1. God gives us a quiet and peaceable life Timothy 2;1-2 : We are exhorted first of all to pray for:
    1. all men
    2. kings
    3. all in authority.
    "Prayer for the nation is not an option, it is a command". "Some people pray only when they are in crisis. That is the reason why they are in crisis".
  2. God heals our land 2 Chronicles 7:14: Has our land been corrupted? We can find the answer when we compare the lifestyles of the people today with those living 20 years ago. Today, you will find that our children are exposed to things we were never exposed to when we were young. "The problem today is not with unanswered prayer - but unoffered prayer"
  3. God speaks and sends visions Dan 9:20-21. Daniel confessed the sins of his nation. Today, we must confess the sins of our nation. When we pray and confess the sins of our nation, God will reveal himself to us in a new way. "Sin is like rubbish that blocks the pipe and stops the flow of water"
  4. God's judgement is delayed or with-held Numbers 16: 47-48: Because of the sin of Israel, the judgement of God started. Moses' quick instruction to Aaron to bring the incense into the congregation stopped the plague. Our prayers to God could change the hearts of the people, bringing them to repentance. at the same time, God delays the judgement, giving more time for people to repent.
  5. God heals our environment 1 Kings 18:45, in 1 Kings 17-18. The neglect and rape of the environment is often a good indicator of the sins of the nation. The greed of humanity has caused much of the environment to be destroyed. “Prayer is the prelude to peace, the prologue to power, the preface to purpose, and the pathway to perfection”.

Conclusion: "The church will always get the government she deserves"