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Jun 18, 2017 00:00

Galatians 5:22


The most important way to show to the world that we are God’s children and disciples of his son is to display his love for others through our conduct. It is not enough to say to people “God loves you”. Our behavior must prove it. Early Christians showed their love that their enemies spoke of it.

What Love is

  • Love is never inactive; it always does what it does not have to do and what might not be asked for or expected.
  • Love is being patient with people; love makes allowance for people
  • Love is Kind, dealing with situations without offending
  • Love is joy, genuinely rejoices in good news…
  • Love is protective; protective of others
  • Love always hoping for the best of others.

What Love is not

  • Love is not envy
  • Love is not rudeness
  • Love is not boastful and proud
  • Love is not selfishness
  • Love is not resentment and malice


What makes Joy unique is that it can be experienced even when things are not going our way e.g. when we are ill, when we fail or being broke. With Joy the circumstances surrounding you don’t need to be agreeable for Joy to be there. When Christians fellowship together there is potential for Joy. When the going gets tough that fellowship brings Joy because it provides strength and support. Joy finds voice in praise and thanks giving, often in singing through Psalms, Hymns and spiritual songs. Eph. 5: 18-20, Psalms 33:1. Joy not only services difficult circumstances but sometimes thrives on them. (Mathew 5:12), Act 5:41.


Peace is the opposite of strife, conflict and quarrels. James 14:19. As men and women believed in the Lord Jesus Christ during his ministry, he told them “go in peace Mark 5:34, Luke 7:50, Romans 5:1.